Which collar to choose according to which situations or events?

We offer a wide choice of assortments to make your unique creations, in your most unique image, the largest on the market. But how do you choose between the Italian Col and the French or the Cassé Col and Col officier? Indeed, we offer 14 collars within our range, classics like collars rarely seen in ready-to-wear. Please find this article to help you and answer your questions in choosing among the different collars according to their uses in everyday life:

Ceremony collars

First of all, you will find collars for special events, weddings, ceremonies or gala events in order to allow you to use the Tie or Bow Tie, for an elegant and sophisticated outfit.

  • Broken Collar: Special Collar for Tie
  • Ceremony Collar: Special Collar for Bow Tie

Casual / Relaxation collars

You will find the Casual or Relaxation collars for a more casual shirt in order to obtain a summer type shirt such as floral fabrics, fancy patterns or Linen. Choose among the less common collars on the market but yet the most dressy and ideal for all circumstances, outing with friends, weekend stroll at the beach or work but casual attire.

  • Mao collar
  • Square Officer Collar
  • Round Officer Collar
  • Italian collar

Classic collars

Finally, you will find the rest of the collars of the selection in the "Classic" category. These are the most widespread and most visible collars within the clothing sector and therefore in ready-to-wear. You will find buttoned collars such as the "buttoned French" or the "English collar" as well as more classic collars:

  • English collar
  • Classic Round Collar
  • Classic collar
  • Small Classic Collar
  • Buttoned French collar
  • Italian Collar Open
  • French collar
  • Venetian collar

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